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What Am I Up To?

I’m never quite sure about the answer to this one. There’s a lot going on in my head all the time, but it doesn’t always look like it if you looked at how much physical progress I make on anything. Regardless, however, I decided to try to post weekly on stuff like what I’m up to with various things. Maybe being able to see where I was a week before can help spur me further on in projects.

I’m still at the same spot with the radio cabinet. Measurements need to be made before I can know the final material cost before buying anything. On top of that I also need to get tools like a saw, hammer, nails, etc to put it all together. Though I like making things, lately I’ve been slacking, and now that I’m living on my own I can’t simply use my parent’s tools.

The hardest part about the cabinet will be figuring out how to make the radio like a door. I’m adding about 4″ to the back of the cabinet so I can have shelves to hold everything I need, and am attaching the cabinets on either side for game media and such, but I’ll need to measure it all out and possibly get to the point of building it before I know of any clearance issues between the side of the radio and the disc cabinets.

When it comes to the project with the PC power button, all i need to do is solder two connections on either female headphone jack piece, make a hole in the case to mount one side, and plug it in to the motherboard. Due to an inexperience of soldering, a misplacement of the headphone jack, and general laziness I haven’t got any further than thinking up the steps of what I need to do. I need to stop being lazy lol.

The In-Dash tablet thing is also at a halt mostly due to soldering. And a lack of a 3d printer to make the mounting panel, though I could always do it with wood or something. That also would mean I have to wait for tools.

So many ideas, so much to wait for.

As soon as I get time in a place where I can record some vocals for music covers I plan on doing that sort of thing. I’m really about to load some lightweight Linux distro on an SD card, run it on one of my crappy old laptops, pack that and a microphone in a backpack and trek it someplace where I can sing to my heart’s content and not worry about disturbing anyone. I’m not too worried about recording instruments at home since I can play them on my keyboard and edit the sound in a DAW, or just play whatever I need; I’m not too sure why I’m so picky about where I sing. *shrugs*

One thing I can work on now though is a story I thought up that has something to do with a president of the United States, and the NFL. Won’t go into too much detail here, wouldn’t want to give away any spoilers!

That’s about all I got going on right now I guess lol See ya!


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