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DIY Plug In PC Power Button

A while ago I built my own PC, and it’s been doing pretty great for the most part. It plays games like it should, I can watch movies, perform searches- there really isn’t anything wrong with it. Except that i have to touch two wires together in order to turn it on.

I disconnected the power button almost two years ago as I was going to make a sort of modular power switch (since I was am planning on making my own PC case) that I could place anywhere within it’s cable’s distance. Since that time I’ve become pretty lazy and it’s just sat there as a constant reminder of my lack of motivation.

However, I have a power button on the way, shipped from China for 2$ (who knows when it will get here), and I plan on wiring that up to a headphone audio cable via an audio jack I picked up for about 2$ at Radioshack. Since an audio cable has a left ear and a right ear, I plan to use the left and right headphone wires as positive and negative in this simple circuit as the electrical current to turn the computer on should be low enough for it to work.

When all is said and done I should be able to plug an audio cable into my PC case, and into the back of the power button, then place it wherever I want it to be for easy access, as on top of the power button simply not working at the moment, the computer itself is in a corner blocked by some furniture to keep it sort of hidden.

More updates will come as I get the button and start crafting the circuit!

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