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A Quickly Scripted Adventure (and a test)

Firstly I’ll tell you that the test is of the WordPress app I’m trying out. I don’t quite like the whole no autocorrect.

The adventure lies in a script I’m planning to code. Probably in Python as it’s an easy one to work with (if I can’t get it working with shell scripts just to make it even simpler on me). I’m planning on being able to push a hotkey and have a few programs run to set my computer up to record or stream software (which I plan to be starting soon, I just need to figure out a decent linux video editor). This post is sort of just a way for me to get the gist of the project off my chest- to be honest that’s sort of the point of the whole site though: to get what’s in my head out of it lol

When I push the hotkey I want it to possibly pop up with a menu with games to play. After making the game choice via clicking the game will start, along with recording software for video and audio (if they’re separate). Seeing as how I can’t get a Steam game to load with a script I have plenty of time to figure the rest of it out. When I’m finished, and as I get workable code I’ll link to it, but for now I sit upon failure. Try 1/10,000

Another one for the back burner…


09/10/17 update- For non Steam games it wont be hard to accomplish all of this, but as my internet isn’t good enough right now for streaming or much gaming I probably wont work on this until I start doing more game related things.

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