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Vintage Radio Project

Hey all. The other day I picked up a vintage radio from a friend for 20$. I had been eyeing it for a while, it’s weathered look displaying years of use- what can I say? If it’s old, well built and looks cool I would love to try to get my hands on it! But now I have an old vintage radio that doesn’t work… What to do? How about turning it into my new media center!

The idea is pretty simple: I’m just gonna clean it up a bit, gut it out, and figure out how I’m going to add shelves to it so it can house my stereo, xbox, and anything else I need in my media console while keeping the old vintage look. From the outside I want it to look like it’s just a simple old radio. When I pull it out to take photos I will post them here, as well as any updates to the project.


Alright it’s now 9/10/17 and I haven’t completed too much more, mostly spending my time working and figuring out how I’m actually going to make it look, but I think I figured it out! So below I’ll post the photo of the drawn out plans (minus dimensions because I’m not at home while writing this).

The plan is to sort of make like a fake fireplace thing, with a little cupboard on either side for movies, games, whatever, and on either side of those there will be hooks to hold headsets, controllers, or some small hangable thing. The whole thing will be connected with a back piece to add about 4 inches to the depth of the radio so there will be room for all the electronics and things, and the radio itself will act like a door shelf to open up and see everything inside of it.

Next things to do are to measure everything I need to, go to Home Depot to look at wood, and pickup tools from someplace (yard sales anyone? Lol) Anyway as promised here are the crappily drawn plans I have so far (sorry it’s so dark)

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